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Protective Services

Bylaw Enforcement/Animal Control


Bowen Island Municipality has contracted out Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control services to Bowen Island Bylaw Services. A Bylaw Enforcement Officer can be reached at 604-328-5499 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays).


Bowen Island Municipality has bylaws that help to protect the community and ensure consistent standards so that all may enjoy a high quality of life. Some of these bylaws relate to pets and animals including Animal Control and the Noise Control Bylaw. Our Bylaw Enforcement staff are here to assist you in understanding our bylaws and enforcement of the bylaws.


At this time, Bowen Island Municipality does not require licenses for dogs, but does, however, require that dogs indentificable (see Owner's Responsibilities)


Click here for more information regarding the Bowen Island Municipality Bylaws.


Bowen Island RCMP are located at:

1017 Miller Road
P.O. Box 219
Bowen Island, B.C. V0N 1G0

Phone: 604-947-0516 (non-emergency). Emergencies please dial 911.
Fax: 604-947-9006

For general information please access the RCMP website at http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/

Ambulance Services

The BC Ambulance Service maintains Station 225 on Bowen Island . The station is staffed with paramedics every day of the year. Bowen Island Ambulance Services are located at:

1034 Miller Road
Bowen Island, BC

Phone: 604-947-2594 (non-emergency). Emergencies please dial 911.
Fax: 604-947-0621

For more information please access the BC Ambulance Services website at http://www.apbc.ca/

Fire Department

The Bowen Island Fire Department is located at:

788 Grafton Road
P.O. Box 279
Bowen Island , B.C. V0N 1G0

Phone: 604-947-9324 (non-emergency). Emergencies please dial 911.

Click here for more information regarding the Bowen Island Fire Department.

Emergency Planning

Neighbourhood Emergency Resource Persons

A number of volunteers have agreed to be Neighbourhood Emergency Resource Persons (NERPs). The role of the NERP is to:

  • Keep information about people and equipment in their neighbourhood that could be made available in serious emergencies.
  • Help put you in touch with the best person to assist with your particular emergency need.
  • Act as communication facilitators in times of serious island emergencies.

Fire Chief/Emergency Program Director:
Brian Biddlecombe 604-947-2243

Emergency Social Services Director:
Reidun van Kervel 604-947-2276

NERP Head:
Sue Ritchie 604-947-0225

Assistant Director:
Liz Gourlay 604-947-0130

Hood Point
Bob Miller 604-947-9610
Steve Hoffar 604-947-9331

Hood Point West
Shannon Rondeau 604-947-9623
Elizabeth Leach 604-947-2098

Eagle Cliff
David Wrinch 604-947-9639
Ken Walker 604-947-0578

Millers Road North
Sue Ritchie 604-947-0225
Roberta Hardie 604-947-9228
Jenny West 604-947-4266

Snug Cove/Deep Bay
Dave McIntosh 604-947-2255
Suzanne McNeil 604-947-9525
Silvaine Zimmerman 604-947-0267
Paul Welsh 604-947-0657

Bowen Court
Chris Ward 604-947-4264
Kathy Loveridge 604-947-9108

Queen Charlotte Heights/Valhalla
Susan Perry 604-947-2458
Kathy Benjamin 604-947-0659
Mary Bentley 604-947-2464

Cates Hill/Artisan Square
Sue Kyle 604-947-6938
Sylvia Boss 604-947-0825

Mount Gardner
Heather Coulthart 604-947-9907
Pat Buchanan 604-947-9752
Irene Paulus 604-947-0161
Rosie Montgomery 604-947-0030

Valley Central (Grafton/Adams Road)
Cathy Buchanan 604-947-0768
Liz Gourlay 604-947-0130
Anne Seaberly 604-947-9784
Maggie Davidson 604-947-2648
Mary Elliott 604-947-2603

Sunset Estates
Carmen Dives 604-947-9720
Josephine Riley 604-947-0747
Ann Chollat 604-947-0441
Gayle Ostrom 604-947-0244

Cowan Point/Josephine Lake
Rachel Dubois 604-947-9342
Mark James 604-947-0575

Martin Rogers 604-947-9304
Lee Montgomery 604-947-9385

Tunstall Bay
Susan Maclaren 604-947-9191
Katheryn Gish 604-947-9426
Cindi Marsden 604-947-9273

Sealeigh Parks
Sue Williams 604-947-9654
Jane Kellett 604-947-0771

Bowen Bay
Bud Long 604-947-0948
John Miller 604-947-2349
Peter Dean 604-947-2487
Bob Johnson 604-947-9416

Blue Water
Stuart Allan 604-947-9188

Jane Boddy 604-947-2185

Emergency Social Services

Bowen Island Emergency Services:  Spread the word ... One of the mandates of Emergency Social Services (ESS) is to promote public awareness of the ESS program and emergency planning on Bowen Island.  A second critical mandate of ESS is to acquire/manage food, clothing, lodging and other resources needed in an emergency response.  If you are passionate about spreading the word about personal emergency preparedness and would like to join this valuable group of volunteers, please click here for more information.


Last updated: May 19, 2011