Thermal imaging cameras now available for loan through our library

Bowen Island Municipality, Bowen Island Public Library and Bowen in Transition are pleased to announce that three thermal imaging cameras have been added to the library’s equipment lending program and are now available for residents to borrow through the library.

If you’re looking for a professional thermal imaging camera for energy audits (finding thermal leaks etc) or fire safety purposes, you should borrow the larger Flir e5 camera. Resources for using this camera including user guides, interpretation manuals, worksheets, software downloads, and guidance on insulation, weather-stripping and other energy-saving opportunities, and rebates available, are provided in an information sheet available at the library.

This camera is the property of Bowen Island Municipality and was acquired through a grant under the Climate Action Plan program.

If you’re looking for a simple thermal imaging camera for non-professional applications (night vision, locating wires/heating pipes/wet spots behind walls, animal rescue, experimental art, non-professional medical self-diagnostics etc), you should consider borrowing one of the two smaller Seek Compact thermal imaging cameras that attach to your smartphone (one works with iPhones, the other with Android phones). Resources for using these cameras including user manuals and guides, software downloads and videos are also on the information sheet available at the library.

The Seek Compact cameras were gifted to the Municipality by Bowen in Transition, for lending through the library.

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