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Solid Waste


The Public Works Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste, which includes Non-organic and organic refuse.


Changes to Solid Waste Management to come in 2012/2013


Metro Vancouver is changing the way organics is handled in our waste stream.


By January 1, 2013 no unused food will be permitted in our garbage. In preparation for the upcoming changes, Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) is transitioning its solid waste program during the 2012 season.


Beginning Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, we modified our waste collection service. The new collection service  requires residents to separate their kitchen waste (unused food) from usual garbage for weekly collection. Unused food includes all foods and table scraps as well as food soiled paper and boxes.


Information flyers were sent out to all residents as  information and guidelines was received.   To view the latest flyer, please click here.


Current Garbage Collection Information

Bowen Island Municipality has a contract with Bowen Waste Services (604-947-2255) to provide bi-weekly residential garbage pickup on Bowen Island. Private businesses with waste volumes in excess of that which can fit into one garbage can are served by private contract. All garbage collected is transported to the Metro Vancouver’s North Shore Transfer Station.


Non-organic pickup for Bowen Island is performed bi weekly. If you are not sure which day your non-organic garbage collection is please review the ‘Collection Areas Map’ below or call Bowen Waste Services at 604-947-2255. All garbage cans or bags must be accessible to the garbage collector by 8:00 a.m. on refuse collection day. Organics are picked up every Wednesday.  Statutory holidays will delay either type of collection day for that week by one day. 


Collection is limited to one 70 litre can weighting a maximum of 22 kg (50 lbs). Therefore if you decide to buy larger cans, be aware that if you fill them to capacity they may not be emptied.

Banned Materials

As of January 1, 2008 all of the following items will be banned from the garbage:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • newsprint
  • office paper
  • electronic waste (including personal computers, printers and TVs)
  • refundable beverage containers (excluding milk cartons)
  • recyclables, including glass, metal & plastic
  • kitchen, yard and garden waste
  • gypsum drywall
  • Product Stewardship (Take Back) Program materials including:
    • paint, solvent, flammable liquids, gasoline & pesticides
    • oil, oil filters & empty containers
    • medications, pharmaceuticals
    • lead-acid (car) batteries
    • tires


Garbage Collection is fully funded from user rates. Garbage decals represent the "user fee" portion of the total funding for Solid Waste Services provided by the Municipality with the balance of funding collected as an Island wide parcel tax levied on property owners and is the model we inherited at Incorporation. While a "user fee" component is not necessarily required there are at least two objectives built into the model:

  • It acknowledges that a heavier burden of the cost of the services should be placed on the User (and not necessarily the property owner).
  • It is intended to encourage Users of the service to limit waste to one can per bi-week per house hold, to assist in achieving the overall goal of reducing waste ending up in landfills.

Garbage decals (valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year) must be purchased from Bowen Island Municipality for weekly pickup of your garbage. The Decal should be adhered to the side of your garbage can, clearly visible. The cost of the decal is valid for one garbage can per household. The following decals can be purchased at Municipal Hall during regular business hours:

2013 Annual rate for first receptacle tag


2013 Annual rate for each additional receptacle


2013 Rate for partial year tag - January to June


2013 Rate for partial year tag - July to December


Supplementary waste tag (no expiry)


Yard Trimmings 

Residents should continue to tie sticks in bundles for pickup, and not place them in the "Yard Trimmings" container.  Homeowners are given yard trimmings decals when purchasing regular garbage can decals if they wish. These decals will not expire as do the garbage decals; they are for identification only.

Residents are also encouraged to compost their yard waste on their properties for garden reuse, instead of using curb side collection.

For more information please contact the Public Works Department at 604-947-4255.



Last updated: Mar 17, 2014