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Information for Users of Public Wharves belonging to Bowen Island Municipality

Bowen Island Municipality operates the two public wharves located in Snug Cove, and the Mount Gardner Wharf located in Galbraith Bay.  “Bowen Island Municipality Wharves Bylaw No. 59, 2002” has been adopted by Council to establish wharf services within the municipality.  This brochure outlines some of the regulations contained in the actual bylaw, that apply to users of public wharves within the Municipality.

Usage Fees - Snug Cove Wharf

Actively Loading or Unloading of Vessels
- owner must stay with vessel

No Charge
 Maximum 15 minutes
 Owner must stay on board

Courtesy Day Use
- max 4 hrs
- must depart no later than 8pm

20’ or less

More than 20’

$2.00 including GST

$5.00 including GST

Annual Day Use Pass

- must depart no later than 8pm

- requires a Annual Day Use
  License Agreement (Schedule E)

20’ or less

More than 20’



Overnight Berthing

- 12:00 noon to 12:00 noon

$0.50/ ft including GST

Monthly Berthing
- requires a Monthly License
  Agreement (Schedule C)

September 16 – June 15

June 16 – September 15

$7.00/ ft + GST

Not Available

Annual Berthing
- requires a Annual License
  Agreement (Schedule C)

Water Taxi

Emergency Service Vessel

$60.00/ ft + GST & Hydro

No Charge except Hydro


Crane Usage

Refundable Deposit


Usage Fees - Mount Gardner Wharf

Monthly Berthing
- requires a Annual License
  Agreement (Schedule C)


$5.00/ ft + GST


Public Conduct

  • No person shall obstruct or interfere with any person, Vessel or watercraft lawfully using a Wharf.
  • No person shall behave in a disorderly, dangerous or offensive manner on a Wharf.
  • Every person bringing a live animal onto the Wharf or Float is responsible for every animal and must retain control of the animal at all times.  The person in charge of the animal is responsible for the immediate removal of any droppings.    All dogs are subject to Bowen Island Municipality Dog Control Bylaw No. 30, 2002.
  • Noisy Activities - No person shall, while on or Berthed at a Wharf, make or cause noises or sounds including the playing of musical instruments, radios, tape players, compact disc players or similar devices or operate any equipment, vehicles, Vessels, watercraft or machinery in a manner which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, enjoyment and comfort of other persons.

Dangerous Goods

  • No Vessel or watercraft carrying Dangerous Goods, chemicals or Explosives shall Berth at a Wharf except in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Explosives Act (Canada).  No person shall store, treat, generate, transport, process, handle, produce or dispose of any hazardous or contaminated materials or substances on a Wharf.
  • Fuel for the normal operation of shipboard equipment must be carried in an approved safety container to and from a Vessel.  Transfer of fuel from one container to another shall not take place on a Wharf.


  • No person shall remove, destroy or damage any Wharf or structure or sign attached to a Wharf.
  • No person shall remove, destroy or damage any notices, rules or regulation posted on a Wharf by or under the authority of the Municipality.
  • Every person causing damage to a Wharf or Vessels shall be wholly responsible for such damages.

Use and/or Storage

  • Wharves must be kept clear and clean at all times.  No person shall store any material of any kind, including a Vessel, on the surface of a Wharf unless in an area designated as storage area by a sign indicating the area is a storage area. 
  • No fenders or chafing gear, storage boxes, steps, dinghies or other gear shall be stored on a Wharf.  The Municipality reserves the right to remove such items so stored at the sole risk of the Owner and without prior notice to the Owner. 
  • The mixing of, or the use of, fuel, oil, paint, varnish, or other flammable liquids is not allowed on wharves.  No person shall store flammable liquids, oily rags or other flammable or volatile substances on the Vessel or at any Wharf.
  • Barbecuing is not allowed on wharves.
  • No person shall use the Crane without first paying the applicable fee.


  • No person shall build upon or place any structure on a Wharf unless authorized by the Wharfinger.


  • Open flame, reflective electric, or oil burner type heaters or stoves must not be used unless the Owner or a responsible person so designated by the Owner is in attendance.


  • No garbage, litter, wastes, sewage, bilge contents, petroleum products, or other organic or inorganic wastes shall be emptied overboard or deposited anywhere within the confines of a Wharf except in receptacles which may be provided for such on a Wharf.

Commercial Services

  • No person shall sell, expose or display for sale any goods or materials including refreshments, or conduct any Business on a Wharf unless an application has been made in writing to the Municipality and has been authorized by the Wharfinger.

Loading & Emergency Zones

  • No person shall cause a Vessel or watercraft to be left unattended at a Loading Zone and in no case shall Berth for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Water Taxi and Emergency Services Zone – This zone is marked with yellow paint and is reserved for use by water taxis and Emergency Service Vessels under contract to Bowen Island Municipality. No person shall Berth a Vessel or Watercraft in these zones.
  • Except for emergency or authorized vehicles, no persons shall park a vehicle anywhere on a Wharf.  Vehicles may use the Wharves, as permitted, solely for active loading and unloading, which shall be limited to 15 minutes.


  • For the purpose of these regulations, the Owner is deemed to be responsible for the Vessel and the action of its crew. 
  • Assignment Prohibited - The Owner shall not assign or sub-let a licence for Berthing or any other way permit another person or Vessel to use the Berth licensed hereby without the prior written consent of the Authorized Personnel, but not withstanding that consent, the Owner shall remain liable to the Municipality for charges unless expressly released in writing from that liability by the Authorized Personnel.
  • Vessels are berthed at the risk of the Owner.
  • Berthage and Maintenance – The Owner shall be solely responsible for the Berthing, care, maintenance, and control of the Vessel.  No person shall tie lines fastening a Vessel to a Wharf across the Wharf or be attached to anything other than the fastenings provided for the purpose.  The Owner shall maintain his Vessel in good and substantial condition and furnish and maintain appropriate sized lines and chaffing gear for the safe permanent position in the licensed Berth as directed by the Wharfinger. The Vessel must be checked regularly, especially after heavy winds or rains.  Pumping out and snow removal is the sole responsibility of the Owner.
  • The Owner’s Vessel, while on the premises shall have permanently and visible from the outside; the Vessel’s name, Port of Registry and Licence number as applicable.  An emergency contact number must be provided.


Last updated: Feb 24, 2009