Take the survey on Detached Secondary Suites

If you didn't make it to the Open House on Detached Secondary Suites, you can still take the survey.

Bowen Island Council is considering changes to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Land Use Bylaw with to allow owners of residential properties to construct a detached secondary suite.

Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 413, 2016 would amend the Official Community Plan to include Detached Secondary Suites as an approved building typology, include them with secondary suites when considering the total number of units on Bowen Island, and create a Development Permit Area to govern the form, character, and siting of Detached Secondary Suites.

Proposed Land Use Bylaw No. 414, 2016 would create the regulations governing how Detached Secondary Suites could be built on Bowen. Regulations include that each lot could have either an attached or a detached secondary suite, a detached secondary suite could have maximum size of 115 square metres (~1,200 square feet), and a property could not have a detached secondary suite and operate a bed and breakfast. Proposed bylaw would also create guidelines for a Development Permit Area which would regulate development of Detached Secondary Suites.


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